​General Services:

  •     Computer Repair
  •     Laptop Repair
  •     Virus Removal
  •     Recover / Reset Lost Passwords
  •     Repair / Re-Solder Laptop Power Plug
  •     Network Setup & Installation
  •     Wireless Network Set up and installation
  •     Computer Upgrades
  •     Memory Upgrades
  •     Virus Protection installation
  •     New Computer Set up
  •     Printer Installation
  •     Installation of new software / hardware


Data Backup / Archiving / Recovery:​

  •     Analyze current backup procedures and inform you of any improvements needed​
  •     Put into place a procedure to recover from a catastrophic event (fire, flood, theft...)



Disaster Planning & Recovery:​

  •     We will analyze your current disaster recovery procedure and inform you of any improvements that can be made



Preventative Maintenance:

  •     Download & Install Software Updates
  •     Download & Install Microsoft Updates
  •     Remove side panels and remove dust that could effect the cooling system
  •     System Security: Complete system analysis to discover any weaknesses in the system security


Our PC Tune-Up Includes:​

  •     Virus scan to identify potential threats
  •     Remove side panels and remove dust that could effect the cooling system
  •     Adjust various system setting to increase performance
  •     Perform all updates to the Windows operating system
  •     Perform all software updates
  •     Perform all hardware updates
  •     Test hard drive for data integrity
  •     Install software to keep system clean of unnecessary files (temp, cookie, history...)
  •     Install registry cleaner software to quicken system start-up
  •     Analyze and remove unnecessary start-up programs which decrease performance
  •     Analyze system log for errors


Our Virus Removal Package Includes:

  •     Surgically remove viruses, leaving your music, photos, and other precious files unharmed
  •     Remove dangerous spyware which may lead to identity theft
  •     Quickly clean your computer free of all Trojans, Viruses, Spyware
  •      Malware, Adware...
  •     Correct rogue processes which cause system freezes / crashes
  •     Remove malicious viruses which slow down your computer
  •     Correct annoying system error messages
  •     Restore you system back to it's peak performance
  •     PC Tune-Up is included for FREE




  •     Install & Configure Routers / Switches
  •     Analyze and repair current network problems
  •     Analyze and repair computer problems
  •     Analyze and repair printer, scanner, and other device problems
  •     Troubleshoot existing network cables, install new cables if needed